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I am an experienced business leader and coach with strong inter personal skill sets and experiential industry knowledge.
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My name is Emeka Ezekwe, managing director and chief executive officer of Arrowconn group, an indigenous Nigerian company offering specialist engineering services. I   have accumulated practical industry experience in the Nigerian oil and gas sector spanning more than 25 years. My experience and exposure in top management and decision making level entails administration, business development, branding marketing, strategic options, high staked business negotiations, idea generations, operations management and business planning.

I am an experienced business leader and coach with strong inter personal skill sets and experiential industry knowledge. A speaker, mentor, thought leaders, with demonstrated history of working in the structured engineering environment and a proven background and knowledge in business development, marketing, sales, strategy, negotiation and branding.

I have set up various successful businesses have also helped a lot of business owners refocus their businesses from the precipices of bankruptcy to the shores of profitability and sustainability.

Chief Ezekwe, a business development consultant, management expert  and pipe leak repair specialist  obtained a bachelors degree  from the University of Calabar in 1992, a masters degree in 1996 and a professional diploma and certificate in business development services from the international training centre of the international labour organization, Turin, Italy. In 2011, Mr Ezekwe also attended business related proficiency courses at Lagos business school, Empretec, LeapAfrica, Fate foundation,  British Council, et al  including a proficiency certificate in pipeline maintenance and leak repairs using composite technology from 3x Engineering facility in Monaco, France; Sealing of high temperature, high pressure pipe leaks with Petroseal of France and corrosion mitigation and coating training with Chesterton in South Africa, Germany, Italy, Malta, Greece, Poland etc.

Emeka is widely traveled and have participated in a number of local and international  business conferences and exhibitions.

Emeka Ezekwe  is  passionate about helping young people go into entrepreneurship through encouragement, motivational  counseling, competence/skill training and mentoring. He believe that as  more and more people set up their own businesses in Africa, our hope of bridging the employment gap and creating real wealth becomes real. Emeka is currently an elected council member of Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines And Agriculture with supervisory function and oversight on oil and gas trade group, he is also  a member of Port Harcourt Club, 1928 and Shell club, where he plays squash, golf and loves walking, traveling, photography, reading, writing and football.

Emeka, a certified business leader and tutor with experiential knowledge of his operating environment has interpersonal skill sets  with extensive local and international exposure and travel experience, he has a global world view and  is happily married to Mrs Benedicta Ezekwe and they have 4 sons.

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